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Kidney Transplant in India – World's Best Kidney Transplant Hospital in India

Organ Transplant Surgery at World's Best Hospitals in India

A large number of foreign patients now come to India for Live Related Organ Transplant Surgery like Kidney Transplants, Liver Transplants and Bone Marrow Transplants. Organ Transplantation is a very complex surgical specialty and requires very high degree of Clinical skills and Medical Technology and Infrastructure. India has now become the most preferred destination for organ transplant procedures. These include Liver, Kidney and Bone marrow transplant surgeries. .Not only the cost is low; the success rate of organ transplant in India is at par with the world's best success rate for organ transplant.

Since Organ Transplantation is a very complex surgical specialty and requires very high degree of Clinical skills and Medical Technology, and Indian surgeons and healthcare has proven its competence, there has been a great surge in the number of medical tourists coming to India for various organ transplants. The Infrastructure and technology used at these best organ transplant hospitals in India is the most sophisticated technology available in the world, which results in better patient recovery, higher success rate, low cost and convenience to the patient.

MedWorld India Affiliated Hospitals in India the Leading Destination for Organ Transplant Surgery

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  • Indian doctors are known all over the world for their skill and knowledge and have the experience of studying and working at the best hospitals in the world.
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  • India's leading liver transplant centre conducts perhaps the world's highest number of liver transplants (16 to 18 every month).
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  • The hospital has a special centre for liver diseases amongst children and liver transplants for children
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  • Highly skilled surgical teams with vast experience and excellent track record of doing largest numbers of Live related donor kidney and liver transplants with survival rates comparable to world's best centers.
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  • Most advanced Technology Infrastructure - Blood Bank with 24 hour apharesis facility, advanced laboratory and microbiology (infection control) support, advanced cardiology, DSA and interventionalradiology, portable and colour ultra-sonology, Liver Fibro-scan, 64 slice CT scanner, 3 T MRI, PET-CT and nephrology (including 24 hour dialysis and CVVHD) facilities.
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  • Organ Transplant Hospitals in India are now equipped with the latest and high end technology.

Kidney Transplant Hospitals in India with MedWorld India

Kidney transplants are widely performed at leading hospitals in India. It is estimated that approximately 3500 kidney transplants are performed every year in India, primarily using kidneys from living donors. Kidney transplants are done very safely in India with success rates on par with international benchmarks. The success rate of kidney transplants is linked to the general health of the patient, the compatibility of the donated kidney with the patient, the quality of the donated kidney, and finally the surgery itself and post-surgery management of organ acceptance.

The equipment and technology used at these hospitals is the most sophisticated technology available in the world, which results in better patient recovery, higher success rate, low cost and convenience. This makes these hospitals not only thebest kidney transplant centers in India but among the best kidney transplant centers in the world.

World Class Hospitals having state of the Art Facilities

Ultra Modern Laminar Air Flow Operation Theatres designed as per international standards with central supply and laminar airflow, stainless steel cladding, on walls and epoxy coating on floor for electro static and infection free environment for Kidney Transplantation.

Latest & Advanced Dialysis Machines from Baxter - (Nikkiso Baxter DBB 27), Fresenius - (4008 H), Bbraun (Dialog +) that performs different type of dialysis like CAPD, CRRT, SLED, Hemodialysis etc).

Full range of Pathological services backed by world renowned hi tech investigative equipments for accurate & reliable results.

Hi Tech Intensive Care Unit - Infection free, laminar flow, 10 channel monitoring system to monitor patients 24 hours.

Kidney Transplant Surgeryin India

The kidney Transplant Procedure takes approximately 2 to 3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. The diseased kidney is usually left in place, while the new kidney is placed either in the left or right groin. The major artery and vein are connected to the new kidney. Catheters are placed to drain both the bladder and the new kidney and may remain in place for approximately a week. Production of urine commences almost immediately for about two thirds of kidney transplant patients. For about one third of kidney transplant patients, the new kidney may commence production of urine only after several weeks. In the days following the surgery, blood tests are done to assess the performance of the kidneys. Ultrasound tests are also done to verify that blood flow is adequate to the kidney and that urine is draining properly into the bladder. The nephrologist will also keep track of signs of rejection of the new kidney by the patient's body.

Recovery after Kidney Transplant Surgery

Following kidney transplant surgery in India, the patient would normally need to stay in hospital for about a week to 10 days after the procedure. The kidney donor is normally discharged from the hospital four to five days after the surgery. As the patient's immune systems are suppressed to reduce the chances of rejection of the new kidney, the patient is also susceptible to infections on account of lowered body defences. For this reason, the patient is kept in a carefully controlled environment which minimises exposure to infections.

After discharge from hospital, for the next couple of weeks, the patient will need to visit the hospital regularly for blood checks to monitor the performance of the kidney. The level of immune suppression drugs will also be monitored.

Important Details and Guidelines on Kidney Transplant in India


Necessary Formalities to be completed in India:

Step1: Obtaining No Objection Certificate from the respective embassy in Delhi. Furnish the following documents at the Nigerian Embassy:

  • »
  • A letter on the hospital’s letter head telling that the patient is undergoing the treatment
  • »
  • Old medical reports and health records
  • »
  • A small summary of the case or medical history of the patient (if referred)
  • »
  • An affidavit from the local government authority stating that the patient and the donor are relatives (mandatory for all Foreign Patients).
  • »
  • 10 photographs each (patient and donor)
  • »
  • Salary slip or bank statement of both patient and donor as the Income proof
  • »
  • The consent from the next of kin of donor on a stamp paper that should carry donor’s and kin’s photograph, duly pasted. In case the donor is a cousin, it is necessary for the next of kin to be present at the Transplant Authorization Committee.
  • »
  • Birth certificate or marriage certificate etc as proof of relation

Step 2: The patient is required to go to the SDM office along with the donor and the relative for getting the affidavit of donor, attested by him. Following documents are needed at the SDM office:

  • »
  • A letter on the hospital’s letter head telling that the patient is undergoing the treatment.
  • »
  • NOC from the Embassy
  • »
  • Affidavit patient
  • »
  • Affidavit donor
  • »
  • Affidavit relative

Step 3: Notary attests the affidavits of the patient and the relative. This takes a time of a day or two.

Step 4: After the affidavits get attested, these documents are taken to the Authorization Committee of the hospital for approval. At the same time, the concerned doctors conduct some important tests on the patient and the donor. All this takes around 2 week’s time.

Details of total stay in India

It is necessary that the patient stay’s in the guest house before the transplant, for investigations. The hospital stay includes a day before the surgery and then 9 days after the surgery, along with 30 days in the guest house for the follow up treatment.

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